R.I.P. Dubself

On June 16 2017 we recived following email by Apple Inc. No more information has been provided to us about why the account got terminated. Despite varius attemts to contact Apple, they only told us that maybe in 1 year they will tell us why they terminated the account... Because of this we are sadly forced to close Dubself.

If you want to support us you can send a donation to the paypal account dubself@blitzatelier.com

Here the letter:


This letter serves as notice of termination of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement (the “ADP Agreement”) and the Apple Developer Agreement (the “Developer Agreement”) between you and Apple effective immediately.

Pursuant to Section 3.2(f) of the ADP Agreement, you agreed that you would not “commit any act intended to interfere with the Apple Software or Services, the intent of this Agreement, or Apple’s business practices including, but not limited to, taking actions that may hinder the performance or intended use of the App Store, B2B Program, or the Program.” Apple has good reason to believe that you violated this Section due to documented indications of fraudulent conduct associated with your account.

Apple is exercising its right to terminate your status as an Apple developer pursuant to the Apple Developer Agreement and is terminating you under the ADP Agreement for dishonest and fraudulent acts relating to that agreement. We would like to remind you of your obligations with regard to all software and other confidential information that you obtained from Apple as an Apple developer and under the ADP Agreement. You must promptly cease all use of and destroy such materials and comply with all the other termination obligations set forth in Section 11.3 of the ADP Agreement and Section 10 of the Apple Developer Agreement.

This letter is not intended to be a complete statement of the facts regarding this matter, and nothing in this letter should be construed as a waiver of any rights or remedies Apple may have, all of which are hereby reserved. Finally, please note that we will deny your reapplication to the Apple Developer Program for at least a year considering the nature of your acts.

Sincerely, Apple Inc.